Placement Passport

babyThe Placement Passport is a compilation or summary of the health and education records of a child placed into foster care, as stated in California’s Welfare and Institution Code (Section 16060, 358.1).  All foster parents are to maintain these records on behalf of the child and specifically include the names and addresses of the child’s educational providers, grade level performance, school records, immunization and allergy records, known medical problems, current medications, past health problems and hospitalizations, a record of relevant mental health history, known mental health condition and medications, photos, school and art work, and any other relevant information concerning the child.

The Placement Passport typically is given to you at the time a child is placed into your home.  If not please request a Placement Passport from your social worker or from a Foster & Kinship Care Education training team member.  Individual Passport forms can be found by downloading them from the links below.   Foster parents are responsible for obtaining and maintaining accurate and thorough information from physicians and educators for the child’s Passport during the time the child is in their care.

Placement Passport Forms
Placement Passport
Unusual Incident Report
Agency Foster Parent Agreement
Placement Check Off List 2010